From design concept to completion

GULICK & Co. Custom Cabinetry is an extension of Gulick & Co. Renovation Contractors which has been working with clients renovating and remodeling their homes for over a decade. Through these renovations and remodels, we have been producing custom cabinets and kitchens for clients all around central and shoreline areas of Connecticut. We have built custom cabinets for almost every room in the house from bathrooms and living rooms to mudrooms and offices. Custom cabinets and kitchens allow you to get closer to your dream house.

Our staff works with clients to understand exactly what they need to fit their everyday lifestyles. GULICK & Co. Custom Cabinetry’s design team can bring to life the design concepts from photos or magazines articles you have kept over the years. Our staff will work with you from concept to drafting plans to installation and completion.

The beauty of custom designed cabinets is that despite the space or configuration of a room, we can come up with a solution that fits that area and make it look like it belongs.

We work with you to find the best solution for your particular space. During the design phase of a kitchen project, GULICK & Co. Custom Cabinetry has the flexibility to build the cabinets in-house or to find the perfect match of stock cabinets through companies we closely partner with. We have found that this dexterity creates the best design and overall satisfaction for the client.



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